Anger, 2017
Robert Barrett
Acrylic on canvas
60” x 48”

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Anger, 2017
Robert Barrett
Acrylic on canvas
60” x 48” unframed

About the Artist

Robert Barrett grew up in Iran and Italy. Surrounded by art and culture he understood, at an early age, that art was a potent form of communication that could surmount the limits of language. Trained as an artist, but compelled to be more socially engaged than a traditional studio artist, Robert used his art knowledge and background to construct a career where art, and the values evident in art, were central to his work. Robert was a nationally, well know California arts leader. His career included positions as a municipal art manager, a contemporary art museum director, and cultural tourism advertising executive. His career allowed little time for a sustained studio practice. But after a mid-life crisis, subsequent counseling, and self-reflection he had a life-altering dream. Because of that dream, Robert returned to the studio and begin the series of paintings titled “Seven Deadly Sins”. Because of Robert’s demanding career, this Seven Deadly Sins series took over two decades to complete. During this period, Robert matured and his point of view regarding sin evolved. The resulting seven paintings are complex and layered in significance for Robert. He hopes the series will be meaningful for his audience as well with this contemporary look at the classic concept of sin.

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