Barbara Barrett

Ever since Barbara Barrett was a young girl growing up in the San Joaquin Valley town of Coalinga, California she has been a wellspring of art making. In art school, her instructors encouraged her to “paint what you know”. From that point on her art-making practice addressed her living environment, then the natural world surrounding her environment, then the California landscape and then the underlying philosophical point of view that she developed and refined as a professional artist and socially-conscious adult. As a studio artist, art instructor and art history lecturer at the university level, she deepened her knowledge of art history and the use of symbolism and color throughout the many millennia of art production. Her extensive travels in Africa, Europe, and the United States have informed her work and broadened her point of view regarding what art is and can be for the contemplative art maker. Barbara is a proficient artist and prolific printmaker. Her drawing and painting technique is unmistakable. Barbara has exhibited extensively throughout her long and productive career. Her work is in public and private collections and she has produced many artworks for both private and corporate commissions. Visually appealing, Barbara’s artwork additionally strives for it to communicate values that might stimulate her audience to think, wish and feel. Ideals such as truth, beauty, and goodness are the transcendentals that Barbara has fashioned her life around as well as art-making practice. Learn more at

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